Faq, Updated Faq & Current Status Details For All Members.

  • Do I have to refer 3 new subscribing members every time I get a new position in the system and do I have to pay more money in a new subscription fee?

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    Yes, each position would be equal to opening a new business and would require personal sponsored referrals to earn income as described in the Commission Plan and a total of 3 personal referrals to earn maximum commissions. Consider it as if you are opening a new division of your first business because it has to be under your first business and then if functions the same as your original.

  • What is a Replicated Website or Referral Link?

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    A replicated website and referral link is a duplicate website just like ReferLife's website but personalized as your very own website and the referral link is the address for your website. It represents you as an Affiliate and it is part of the automated system that you promote to your prospects and it will track and maintain your business in order to know who you referred, who is on your team, what purchases are made and how much you should and will earn.

  • What do I do after I am registered to start to earn an income?

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    After registration you will focus on building your ReferLife.com business and bring your referrals to the ReferLife Business Network to join your business. You will promote and distribute your referral link and invite people to learn about our mission and cause. You will invite them to our opportunity calls where they can get information from members who are already involved. There will be a variety of marketing materials available in your back office for you to utilize. Tell everyone you know and get them to purchase their Business Affiliate Subscription.

  • What is the company refund policy?

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    We provide a 7 Day window to cancel your membership after subscription purchase.

    If you are not sure if you should join, do not do so until you are. This will help to allow us to maintain our NO REFUND POLICY. Our refund policy is there are NO REFUNDS after you have paid for your subscription. Once you have paid for your subscription you have monthly access to all member benefits. After 7 days all funds are allocated to be paid out based on commission system earnings. Any attempt to create a refund or chargeback can be considered fraud based on the terms of the agreements herein. Any refund or chargeback will be also charged back to anyone who earned commissions on the original purchase.

  • How and when do I get paid?

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    Commissions are earned for the sale of subscriptions to the people you refer to ReferLife who make a purchase. Commissions are paid out in accordance to the ReferLife.com Compensation Program.

    Commissions are paid out monthly on the 15th of the following month that they were earned to your SolidTrustPay or Payza account; from there you can transfer and access your earnings.

    Who is responsible for paying taxes on the income earned? The responsibility to pay the taxes on the income earned belongs to the person who earned the income. Please consult with an accountant as to the tax benefits that may be available to you as a person operating a home business.

  • Is This An Illegal Pyramid scheme?

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    The first question here is actually "What Is An Illegal Pyramid scheme?"

    Here the answer would be "Recruiting people into a program that offers no reasonable value for the money that they are required to pay to enter.

    Paying members commission when no product was sold to provide commissions on the sale.

    These are the 2 main reasons a program or business would be considered an Illegal Pyramid Scheme.  Practically everything in life is set up as a pyramid structure. Your job, your family, the government, the grocery store, the school, health care, pretty much everything.

    It is illegal to sell an opportunity without a product.  It is illegal if the only way to receive commissions is to sign others up into the program.  It is illegal to make an "investment only" to begin receiving compensation.  You must always purchase a product.

    It is illegal for a pyramid to be designed so that the people on the bottom can never make more than the people on the top.  People in ReferLife Co-Op can set their own goals and desires for success, utilizing the platform there is no limits to a persons ability to earn more than their sponsor.

    ReferLife Co-Op is an organization that sells many products. Our first product lineup is our ANNUAL SERVICE PACKAGES, CFA YEARLY REPORTS PACK, CFA MONTHLY BUSINESS PACK.  From here members can shop and share our Marketplace for more.

  • What If I Don't Think I have Time For The Co-Op Or Even Hear What It Is?

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    What if listen and understanding about the co-op was worth $500 per month in extra income? What about $500 extra per week or per day in your spare time? Would that maybe be of interest?

    We believe that none of us have enough time and freedom in our lives. 

    ReferLife Co-Op and its versatile product and service membership platform can help give you back the time you want and need by creating an increase in cash flow and extra income.

    Start Slow by only committing what you can but commit, even if that is only 2 hours per week.  As you begin to earn and make more money, you will find more time to help yourself increase your earnings even more.

  • What If I Don't Know Many People?

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    Your sphere of influence is greater than you might realize. Even if you are a stranger in a new town, you came from somewhere and you know people there.

    Relatives, co-workers, neighbors, friends, bankers, realtors, insurance salepeople, church and clubs that you belong to, you know lots of people in reality.

    In ReferLife Co-Op you do not need a lot of sales in order to be successful.

    in ReferLife Co-Op you do not need to share with hundreds of people in order to earn commissions.

    In ReferLife Co-Op our Success Formula is: (U+3)+(3X3)

    You refer 3 and help your 3 refer 3 each and that is your requirement.

    Now help your team to be successful and do the same because this is one of the lowest levels of associate input required for one of the most lucrative opportunities available.


  • What If I Am Not A Salesperson

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    Well, yes, you are!

    Every person is a salesperson since they were born.

    You are selling yourself and your skills daily to your boss, your motives to your parents, your children, your peers and your ideas to others everyday.

    Have you told someone about a good book you read, or a good movie that you have seen, or a good restaurant you visited lately?  If you are married, that is probably the best sales job you've ever done!

    Intead of thinking of yourself as a salesperson, think of yourself as a "provider of information". Once you fully understand the value, purpose and commitment ReferLife Co-Op offers through it's united approach, its rev-share system, the products and services, you are able to share the information with others and the co-op will sell itself and your team and rewards will grow.

  • What If I Don't Have Any Money?

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    As an associate in ReferLife Co-Op, do not loan money to others in order to get them to join you in ReferLife Co-Op... unless they are family.

    here at ReferLife Co-Op we have the ability for a member to Pay-It-Forward and gift to a prospect a membership.  This allows the new member to register FREE and if the referrer chooses to they could pay-it-forward and gift a membership to a prospect to help them get started.

    They can then get the membership fee back from the associate after they start to earn, or they could pay-it-forward to someone they are referring into Referlife Co-Op.

    At ReferLife Co-Op there are options as to joining free and then finding the way that best suits you in order to grow within the system.

  • What If I Get People Saying NO?

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    No can mean a lot of things.

    No means: I'm busy... I don't understand... I don't see the value!

    Your prospect will assume all opportunities are the same and if they have had experiences that were not positive, then initally they will not be interested.

    So remember, NO also means maybe...

    Give me the information that I need and NO might actually mean YES.

    When people tell you NO, they are saying no to an opportunity, not no to you. But once they tell you know, please respect their answer and you can see if they change their minds later.


  • What If It Sounds Too Good To Be True?

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    Like most people if something sounds too good to be true, the chances are usually that that it is. You are always looking for the catch attached.

    We all know that you do not get anything for free. You have to do something in order to receive, and that is also true with ReferLife Co-Op.

    The first hurdle is to join and in order to do that you have to be invited and then accept.  From there our numbers do not lie in regard to what is available to each member in potential rev-share rewards.

    Here you have a designed success formula, a ever growing marketplace of products to share and earn from, By sharing with a few people and inviting them to join our co-op, it kinda does make ReferLife Co-Op too good to be true. 

    However, the system was designed with each member in mind and designed with the smoothest way to deliver a long term platform that can work for many.

    Here you still have to talk to people, support your team with training and duplication efforts because your rewards are a direct reflection of your effort and commitment to your team.

    Plus, we are pretty proud of the system that we have created and yes, it was designed to be too good to be true and to last the test of time.

    Once thy unerstand the program and the reasons it was created, they will certainly see the caus and the value and their friends and family should be the first people they want to share with and help to enhance their lives.

    Don't make decisions for other people, don't do their thinking for them.  If you assume someone would not be interested and do not share it with them, they may be coming back to you later to ask why you did not tell them about ReferLife Co-Op and our mission.

  • Do I Have To Sell Products and Services?

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    Every co-op member has the ability to purchase any of the membership options available. These are available as an upgrade to every member after they have signed up.

    Every member who signs up under you can purchase products or services and in turn generate rev-share rewards that can be paid to you.

    This can happen if you are the salesperson or the team member of the salesperson.  You have the power to increase your activity and create unlimited sales and commissions that you are in control of, so it is up to you to set the volume you would like your team to generate.