• 06 Jan 2020
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  • 06 Jan 2020
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    xpress007 I Will Never Be Without My Frequency Tuning Bracelet

    After years of suffering with a back injury and sciatica, I found the frequency tuning bracelet while away on vacation. I needed something because the vacation was not going well and getting worse with all the walking and activity.  If it was not for the finding the bracelet and buying it my vacation would have been a bust.

    Mike B

  • 06 Jan 2020
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    xpress007 Business Model Testimonial and Thoughts from Mike Butler

    Hi everyone,

    It is after many years of thought and trials that has brought us here. I am Mike Butler and I am your Chief Visionary Officer.  Since the passing of my little brother from cancer, I have always wanted to create the system that could change lives, many lives for the better.  We are ready to lauch this system now and here is what you need to know.

    Times are getting tougher for many who live in a good country with opportunity and it is getting even worse for those who are not as fortunate. Well we are able to affect positive chanage if we can come together, work together in a common direction, for a common cause and with proper motivation and a system and business model that works.

    ReferLife is this system. It is adaptable and capable of providing help to all the members of the ReferLife Community by providing information, products, services contacts and connections to top natural health options. There is so much information available now and through the ReferLife Community, Bod-e-Tune Welless and all our global partners we will bring our members the best of the best.

    With ReferLife we believe charity starts at home! Even with our intention to generate and donate millions of dollars to kids needs and charities, we want our members to be more financially secure.  Staying health and enjoying life is costly and we want better for our members.  The ReferLife Community comes with a built-in opportunity for each and every member to improve their financial lifa as well as their health. Learn more inside but this business I love and embrace and I hope all who see it, embrace it also. It is all about, this is all about a better life for members, this is about a community that automatically makes the world a better place because it automatically generates funds for helping all. You just have to see the big picture and say..."I'm In".

    ReferLife is an entity of purpose and cause and if we can all come together and truly embrace and become part of the community, help us grow and accomplish the mission, we can take care of issues if and when they arise and know that everything we do, we for the right and a good reason and our ultimate goal is a positive impact on each and every member and their families.

    Look for more from me soon

    Mike Butler

    Chief Visionary Officer