Why Epigenetic Wellness Profile

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Scientists worldwide are now realising the importance of understanding the interaction between our genes and our lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise and our health. It is true that you cannot change your "inherited genes", however, you can compensate for their influences. There are 65 genes that you should power down and 72 that you should power up. It is possible to maximize our "genetic potential" and change our health.

  • Vitamin Indicator
  • Mineral Indicator
  • Amino Acid Indicator
  • Antioxidants Indicator
  • Food Avoidance Indicator
  • Toxins Indicator
  • Microbiological Indicators
  • EMF/ELF Indicators
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Nutrition Key To Wellness

When our body gets what it needs in the form of Good Nutrition it takes better care of you.

Improve Your Wellness

Take the guess work out of what your body needs to Improve Your Health with our hair analysis.

S-Drive For Customers

Our hair analysis makes life Easier For Customers to know how they personally can be healthier.

Personalized Reports

Using Epigenetics and proprietory software your Personalized Report is all about you.

Compare Reports

This test uses 3 to 4 months worth of data available in your hair. Compare Reports.

Time To Thrive

With this new information you are now able to stop just surviving and now Start To thrive.

The Problem and The Solution

Offering The Latest Technology

We Can Protect Our Children and Our Families. Exposure to EMFs is dangerous to your health as it can cause adverse health conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, abnormal behaviour in children, autism, attention deficit disorder, concentration and memory problems, learning and behavioural disorders, etc.. Radiation from EMFs interfere with our body's natural processes including sleep, hormone production, our immune system and our ability to self-heal. Radiation from EMFs from outside the body disrupt our body's natural balance and can play havoc with the millions of electrical implulses that the body uses to regulate all cellular activity. We are sensitive natural bioelectric beings.