Weight Loss

PureTrim attacks weight loss with tried and tested formulas. Mediteranian Wellness Shakes and Boost Tea taste delicious and work to loose weight.

Nutrition & Wellness

The delicious formula that is Daily Complete is amazing and a must try. My customers can't be wrong as they love this product as much as I do.

Joint Pain

One is a drink that brings relief in as little as 72 hours and the other quickly as it is a spray on topical. Joint Tea and Joint Mist relieve joint pain.

Cardio Health

When it comes to our heart health we need to give special attention and Cardio 9 Nitric Oxide Blend is designed to do just that deliciously.

Immune Defense

Building a strong immune system is important and Synergy defense and Female Balance will bring balance to those areas.


A clean body is a healthy body and here is where Liver Master and Experience come to aid you in cleaning your body for improved health.

PureTrim Nutrition and Wellness

Weight Loss, Nutrition and Wellness

PureTrim products are manufactured following ancient Mediterranean health principles in combination with modern scientific advancements, which are the key to achieving life-changing results. We at PureTrim know that what you eat affects many aspects of your overall health, including brain health.

  • Help People Get Their Health Back.
  • Help People Feel and Look Younger.
  • Help People To Lose Weight.
  • Improve Muscle and Joint Function.
  • Help People Improve Cardio Health.
  • 100% Plant Based Nutrition.
  • Totally Vegan and Gluten Free.
  • Dairy Free Products.
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