The ReferLife Co-Operative Monthly Connect Pages give members access to the ReferLife Connect Social Network. The full price to access ReferLife Connect is $35.00 USD monthly. Everyone start with a FREE MEMBERSHIP and access to the standard priveledges on registration, from there you can upgrade to more priveledges at anytime. You may also turn on AUTO-UPGRADE from your profile. Each upgrade provides more priveledges in ReferLife Connect until you have reached full priveledges. You will have more ability to utilize the social network in all your personal and business needs.

The Monthly Connect Package pays commissions through your referrals and your team and because the cost is a monthly cost, the rewards paid out are also monthly. This creates a residual income for members and can change lives. No one is ever REQUIRED to make a purchase to participate in ReferLife Co-Op.

The more activity created within a members team means the more rewards earned from activations, upgrades, Share and Earn Products and our Marketplace. There are already many interesting and intricate parts that make up ReferLife Co-Operative and with ReferLife Connect it offers us flexibility to do much more. Customers may access all products and save while Associates and Affiliates can earn rewards.


Connect is our social network platform. We make the rules and the rules are always in favor of our members. It does everything that other plaform does and more.


When you register and sign up with ReferLife you automatically become a FREE Member with access to Connect Social Network Standard Membership.

$2.50 MONTH = MAX: $42,500

Once upgraded to a minimum of the $2.50 CFA ANNUAL REPORT PACKAGE you are able to activate your MONTHLY CONNECT PACKAGE at the level good for you.

$5.00 MONTH = MAX: $93,000

Turn on your AUTO-UPGRADE and it will activate your upgrades to upgrade when you reach certain targets. This will take you on the ReferLife Monthly Magical Journey.

$10.00 MONTH = MAX: $186,000

You can manually upgrade your monthly account at any time. Make sure your fees are paid every month and you get a 5 day grace period to have your fees paid.

$17.50 MONTH = MAX: $341,500

Setup your subscription to so that your payment is always on time. You are able to pay with your account balance as you are earning, we will provide more options.

$35.00 MONTH = MAX: $643,000

Each member has the ability to have about 250,000 team members, this means there is a lot of opportunity to collect sales and commissions earn more rewards.


When a member upgrades and holds the $35.00 Monthly Connect Package they are qualified to earn on all the packages when they are sold, purchased or upgraded.