Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream.          Carl sandburg
The vision of the ReferLife Wellness Co-Operative originated after the loss of my younger brother to cancer. He was 39 with 2 young children and it was painful to see how this took him. It was painful to see how it affected his wife and kids and it was very painful to see how it affected our parents

The effect on myself was profound and stays with me today. It opened me to see the issues that many people may be going through easier and with more empathy. I wanted to do something to make a difference in people's lives, all they had to do is want it or just want more. Some people just want to eat, drink, pay their bills and survive. Some want more from life, they want to get and be healthier, they want to start and run a business successfully, some just want to earn more money, some just need bare neccessities of life. I wanted to be able to provide a way to change all their lives and fullfil their dreams and goals. I wanted to take someone who had nothing and give them hope and opportunity to make their lives better. I want to change the world.

This platform is created and designed to do just that and much more. First it tells the ReferLife Co-Operative story for you to share and I promise the story will continually get better. Your website looks just like this one with your story and reason. Your back office is where you access your community control panel. here you can select your level of participation which will be directly connected to your level of community reward. You can access your benefits, track all activity and transactions, access your co-op ewallet to receive, send, and spend your rewards in the community and outside the community also and much more.

When it comes to your health, this is where we bring together the best in natural science for the body. Here we will grow your ONLINE HEALTH and WELLNESS COMMUNITY with discussions, information, education, products, services, science and a better understanding of the human body. This will allow us to make ourselves stronger, healthier, wiser and much more able to fight disease and environmental attacks by so many different factors in today's world.

This is the vision for ReferLife Wellness Co-Operative
* Better Health For All Members
* More Wealth For All Members
* A Place People Call Home Because It Works
* A Place That Actually Changes Lives

That is it and all it takes is for each person invited to see this site gets an idea of how this can affect their lives in a positive way. See the potential when we unite to help each other to a better quality of life. Each member is given the same opportunity when they register. There is so little that you need to do in order to participate and do your part. The benefits and rewards can be significant when we come together for the right reasons. We can change lives, it is that simple!

I just want to be know as the manwith a vision and desire to improve the lives of members for the better. This platform has the ability and power to do just that and more.

Start by registering under the person who introduced you... IT's FREE.

Once inside look through all the menu items and learn about your benefits and your potential in the Rev-Share.

Watch for our recordings and get involved with sharing, growing, learning, earning and getting healthier.

Success is Ours... Success is Yours

Live Life - Live Long - Live Free  


Mike Butler