The ReferLife Co-Operative and Bod-e-Tune Wellness offer unique, effective and interesting products and services. Here you will find products, companies and opportunities. you do your research, ask questions, attend information sessions and learn how to be healthier. Learn how to partner with these companies and create a second income by simply promoting great products and services helping family and friends to also manage and maintain health in the most natural ways possible.

In this day of large coprporations trying to capture and control most of the business activities for their profits, we need a way to bring together the smaller more personalized approaces to finding the best information, products and services that meet the needs of the majority who want to live a more natural life. This means altering diet and lifestyle choices, knowing and taking the best in nutrition to serve the needs of the body on a daily basis, knowing how to maintain our insides which in turn will show on our outside looks, how we feel, the energy we have and the healthier, better life we lead because of doing the things that improve our health.

Bod-e-Tune Frequency Tuning Health Aid

When it comes to our health it is very important to understand what makes the human body perform at its optimum when it come to healing issues and maintaining good health. Energy is what we are and part of what heals us the best. Our frequency tuning wearable health aid is one of the best healing tools we have ever encountered and for the health of yourself and your loved ones you need to know about the effects of electrical pollution on your body and well-being.

Epigenetic Hair Analysis & Wellness Report

When it comes to your overall health and well-being the other side of understanding what the body needs to stay health is to understand our nutritional needs as well as the need to cleanse certain things from our system. Every day we wake up and our bodies scream for a minimum of 90 essential nutrients to feed a body good and provide the ability to nourish and repair. Our hair analysis takes the guess work out and gives a clear path to attain better health.

Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Water Systems

Clean purified water is also at the top of the list when it comes to good health. The water cleanses and hydrates our cells and if you have any idea as to what is in the water that comes into your home you would not consume it, shower or bathe in it without a filter. There are so many toxins and drugs plus so much more in our water that it is no wonder people are getting sicker. We have a saying... "If you are not filtering your water... you are the filter".

Liquid Gold Rx

Liquid Gold Rx is an amazing clean all natural product that works well with ant body to improve health. When Liquid Gold Rx is sprayed into the mouth it goes to work to provide unque formula of nutrition that is designed to reduce inflamation within the bodt, it gets nutrition into the smallest areas, it increases oxygen in the body and removes toxins. All this puts your body in better position to manage and maintain your overall wellness.

PureTrim Wellness

PureTrim products are manufactured following ancient Mediterranean health principles in combination with modern scientific advancements, which are the key to achieving life-changing results. We at PureTrim know that what you eat affects many aspects of your overall health, including brain health.

Youngevity Wellness

Every man, woman and child needs 90 essential nutrients just to survive, much less to thrive. To put the odds in your favor to live as long as possible, with the highest possible quality of life, you must get these nutrients every day.

Diatomaceous Earth

100 Percent Pure, Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth: We are very proud to carry food grade fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth and our intent is to spread the word on this marvelous natural deposit! Safe for People, Pets, Livestock and the Environment!

Zinzino Wellness

Understanding your body and its needs is the best way to learn how to protect yourself by getting in balance. Take the test and we'll send you back a report on your blood work. If you are in the one percent of people already at healthy levels of omega-3 and plyphenols, we'll refund your money back. REALLY. So why are our health challenges increasing? First, TESTS DON'T LIE! Are you in the DANGER ZONE?

New-U-Life Wellness

New U Life� is a corporation that�s focused on empowering individuals and families in their journey to whole-body health. Our innovative supplements are designed to help you achieve a greater sense of vitality by preserving your youth and maximizing your body�s efficiency in a natural way to achieve healthy, more fulfilling lives.

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